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A major pharmaceutical company by the name of Genesis Laboratories has posted an ad for researchers to help create a cure. You respond to the job offer; however, when you arrive things are not as they seem.
Thousands continue to fall victim to Valerium. Can you create cure before it’s too late?
One story, all connected, play the journey. You choose how you want to uncover the story. (Rooms can be played in any order. Toxic is recommended for first time escape room players.)


Exploration 75%
Creativity 80%
Logic 85%
Totally Real Science 100%
Recommended group size: 3-7 players
Playable group size: 2-8 players
Difficulty: For both new and experienced players.
Toxic is Canberra’s first 2-in-1 puzzle room. It occupies the same space as Doomsday and yet is a unique experience. Unfortunately, as a result both Toxic and Doomsday are unable to be booked simultaneously. 

Slide "Cleverly designed - the Toxic room was so so satisfying. This is a must-do
escape room in Canberra. I cannot wait to try their next brain-child."
Slide Had a fantastic time there! Loved the story and it was a very pleasant experience :). Slide Wonderful experience and great escape room overall!!

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