When you pay in-store (card only)

2-8 Players
Same price booking online for 2-3 player groups

When you book online

4 Players
5 Players
6-8 Players

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room, also known as; escape games, puzzle rooms, quest rooms and adventure rooms, are a live, real-life, interactive puzzle-solving group experience. You and your friends are “locked” in a room to find items only in the room, clues, use strategy and team work in order to successfully escape or finish the main objective before the time runs out. Escape rooms are set with various themes in certain locations from prison cells, bank heist to science laboratories. We are the 4th escape room to open in Canberra.

Our Location

Unit 8/151-155 Gladstone Street, Fyshwick, 2609. Opposite the Telstra Business Centre, in the Return-it car park in Koala Court.