What is different about Revelation Puzzle Rooms?
Escape Room Pins To Take Home!
At Revelation Puzzle Rooms, we want to have our customers take home a part of their one-time experience. Click here to learn more.
Grab Free Drinks!
Feeling thirsty? You are happy to grab a can or a bottle of water before or after you play our rooms!
Watch Your Friends Play Our Escape Rooms!
Finished all our escape rooms? Come back and invite other friends and watch them play! Click here to learn more!
Record Set Pins
Your team set a record? You deserve more! Click here to learn more!
Unique Escape Room Mechanics
Toxic and Doomsday is the first replayable 2-in-1 room in Canberra. There will be so much more in the future!
Detailed Room Analytics
After being walked through the room, you will get sent a detailed analytics of puzzle times, comparison with the average and any records set. Have your other friends play and compare with them to see who is the best team!