What is an escape room?

What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms, also known as; escape games, puzzle rooms, quest rooms and adventure rooms, are a live, real-life, interactive puzzle-solving group experience. You and your friends are “locked” in a room to find items only in the room, clues, use strategy and team work in order to successfully escape or finish the main objective before the time runs out. Escape rooms are set with various themes in certain locations from prison cells, bank heist to science laboratories.


Exploration 100%
Creativity 100%
Logic 100%
Fun 100%

There is no need to be very ‘smart’ or have any past experience, everyone can have fun in an escape room!

Here are things to expect when coming into an escape room:

Team based
Group sizes can vary from as few as 2 to up to 12 depending on the room. Teamwork is absolutely vital, as there will be puzzles that require more than one person to solve and you can use each others strengths to get out quicker than by yourself!
A clear objective
This is to “escape the room” which varies from room to room. You are either play as a certain character trapped in X and need to get themselves out or there is a main objective you have to complete in order to successfully finish the room.
A story
Escape rooms are themed under some element of story determined on which experience you choose. The story will slowly unravel as you will be guided throughout the room with the clues and hints leading you to the truth of what has happened.
Puzzles of course!
It can involve finding hidden objects to decoding a message with a cipher. They can range from logic to creative ‘think outside the box’ kinds of puzzles. See each room we have at Revelation Puzzle Rooms to see what kind of rooms each are!
A time limit
For the most of the time, you will get only 60 minutes to escape. Some places offer as low as 20 minutes for more mobile escape rooms to up to 80 minutes in a room with more puzzles.
And lastly:
A load of fun!
Escape rooms are definitely for everyone, with your group of friends or family and even with work colleagues for team building corporate exercises to school excursions! Escape rooms are also for both the younger and older generations, as long as players under 16 years old have an adult with them, then you can play just fine. At Revelation Puzzle Rooms, we recommend players to be at least 10 years old before they do an escape room.

Check out all our rooms, pick which one which you and friends likes the most and make a booking when you are all available! Pricing is located on the bottom of our homepage and our frequently asked questions. Good luck and have fun!

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History of escape rooms

Escape rooms have evolved and combined from previous entertainment attractions similar to the idea such as haunted houses, mazes, scavenger hunts, live action role playing and interactive theaters.

They were originally inspired by ‘escape-the-room’ and ‘point and click’ style computer games such as ‘Behind Closed Doors’, ‘Crimson Room’,‘Myst’ and ‘Gone Home’ and in current popular escape room mobile apps such as ‘The Room’.

However, by far the most influential escape-the-room style game was Toshimitsu Takagi’s Crimson Room. Released in Japan in 2004, was a great success inspiring live escape rooms we have today. Currently, the world’s first real-life escape room is credited to Takao Kato who opened Real Escape Game (Riaru Dasshutsu Ge-mu) in Japan under the company SCRAP Entertainment Inc, in the year 2007, transforming the concept in video games to real-life for players to even be more immersed.

From this sparked a chain of events in 2012, escape rooms started expanding and becoming popularised around the world to regions such as Asia, North America and Europe. However, in Budapest, Hungary, is recognised to pioneer the escape room market and has influenced escape rooms around the world with their high quality escape rooms from initiative to experiment and evolve the immersion for their customers.

Escape rooms today

As of September 2017, there are over 8,000 escape room venues worldwide with Australia being one of the last major countries to adopt escape rooms, the first one launching in 2014.

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