Slide One story, all connected, play the journey. Slide The year is 2022. seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious virus known as valerium emerged and plunged the world into chaos. Slide No quarantine could contain the virus as it spread across the world, killing thousands. Slide Play in any order. Toxic is recommended for first time escape room players You choose how you uncover the story as Valerium takes its course.

Can you make a cure before it is too late? Learn More A pharmaceutical company, Genesis Laboratories has posted a job ad for scientists to come in and help create a cure for Valerium.

Can you make the right choice before the time runs out? Learn More You are a group of operatives working for a super secret organisation. Extremely high levels of Valerium have been detected inside Genesis Laboratories and you have been sent to investigate undercover.

Can you gather enough evidence before the case goes cold? Learn More Your relative has suddenly been killed and as the suspect eludes the police's grasp, you take matters into your own hands.

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