Corporate Team Building

Escape rooms are definitely for everyone, with your group of friends or family and even with work colleagues for team building corporate exercises!
Our rooms can currently occupy a maximum of 16 participants at one time with other rooms opening in the future for a maximum capacity of 28 participants.
We have detailed analytics for each puzzles that we send to each player that plays our rooms so you can compare how each team performs!
You can also email or message us to provide a tax invoice after you have made a booking and we can generate one for you to use ASAP!
To book for your team building event, either make multiple bookings through our website at revelationpuzzles.com/book in similar time periods or contact us through email at rooms@revelationpuzzles.com, or message us on Facebook at https://www.messenger.com/t/199845170800146 for more questions and special prices and arrangements.
Make sure to check out which rooms you want to play down below. Pricing is also located on the bottom of our homepage and our frequently asked questions.