Book Your Escape Room Experience


You are booking in advance for tomorrow onwards. Our website does not allow you to book within 24 hours of the start time. If you would like to book for short notice, contact us on Facebook or call us at (02) 5100 6572.

Due to COVID-19, players who have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 and/or has flu-like symptoms over the past 2 weeks will not be permitted. Thank you for your understanding through these unprecedented times. 

If you are trying to book more than one room at the same time on Monday – Wednesday, or Thursday / Friday morning, please get in contact with us!  

How to make a booking:

1. Choose the amount of players.
2. Choose your escape room experience you want to play.
3. Choose the date you want to play by clicking ‘Pick Date’.
4. Choose the best time slot for you and click ‘BOOK’
5. Enter a team name you want to be known as.
6. Check or uncheck the box if you have participants under 16 years old as they require legal guardian with them.